How the Jehovah's Witnesses Diabolize Former Members


The following exceprts from a fairly recent WT article [The Watchtower, July 1, 1994, pp. 11-13] shows the absolute desperation the Watchtower society is facing regarding the worldwide flood of exposure of its lies, false prophecies and inhuman dictatorial treatment of its members:

Beware of the Poisonous Food on the Table of Demons

Comment: can you believe this title? Geeesh!

"Food on the table of demons is poisonous. Consider, for example, the food dispensed by the evil slave class and the apostates. It does not nourish or build up; it is not wholesome. It cannot be, for the apostates have stopped feeding at Jehovah's table.

Comment: first sentence: demonic food is poisonous. Second sentence: the "evil slave and apostates" are demonic. No proof. No evidence. Just assertion presented as fact. As usual for the WTS.

"As a result, whatever they had developed of the new personality is gone."

Translation: "as a result, whatever braindead robotics they used to perform as Watchtower slaves is gone."

"What motivates them is, not holy spirit, but vitriolic bitterness. They are obsessed with only one aim -- beating their former fellow slaves, as Jesus foretold. -- Matthew 24:48, 49."

Comment: Nah, we don't want to beat our former fellow slaves. The Watchtower society has a fabulous infrastructure designed for just that purpose. We couldn't top their time-tested tecniques if we tried.

"Yes, apostates publish literature that resorts to distortions, half-truths, and outright falsehood."

Comment: of course the WTS won't give any examples of this assertion. Moreover we've given ABUNDANT examples of the WTS' distortions, half-truths and outright falsehoods. It is sad that many JWs accept this kind of slanderous trash at face-value and are not even allowed to see if it is true or not. A sincere JW has to ask himself, "if this is so true, then why can't I verify these statements for myself without being excommunicated?"

"They even picket Witness conventions, trying to trap the unwary."

Comment: this one really got to me! Did the writer forget that for over a dozen years, Da Judge used to routinely order JWs by the hundreds and even thousands to swarm all over the neighborhood churches wearing sandwich cards which said "Religion is a Snare and a Racket", and to harass the peaceful church-goers with their unwanted tracts and message? This is a form of false argument called Special Pleading.

"Hence, it would be a dangerous thing to allow our curiosity to move us to feed on such writings or to listen to their abusive speech! While we might not think it a risk for us personally, the hazard remains. Why? For one thing, some of the apostate literature presents falsehoods by means of "smooth talk" and "counterfeit words." (Romans 16:17, 18; 2 Peter 2:3)

Abusive speech? Geeeesh! It's ok for the WTS to call all other religions "whores" and "spiritual fornicators", but should someone dare say they have evidence that the WTS is not what it claims to be, that is "abusive speech"? Hypocirites!

"What would you expect from the table of demons?"

Once again, the WTS has equated apostates, many of which merely present their evidence from the WTS literature itself as feeding others "from the table of demons." Only an idiot could not see that this type of "evidence" insults the common sense of any average person.

"And while the apostates may also present certain facts, these are usually taken out of context with the goal of drawing others away from the table of Jehovah. All their writings simply criticize and tear down! Nothing is upbuilding."

Notice that no examples are given of what is "usually" taken out of context? To the WTS, "upbuilding" means "don't examine, and don't criticize anything we say and do, even if it is true."

"Jesus said: "By their fruits you will recognize them." (Matthew 7:16) What, now, are the fruits of the apostates and their publications? Four things mark their propaganda. (1) Cleverness. Ephesians 4:14 says that they are "cunning in contriving error." (2) Prideful intelligence. (3) Lack of love. (4) Dishonesty in various forms. These are the very ingredients of the food that is on the table of demons, all of which is designed to undermine the faith of Jehovah's people."

Do these 4 things remind you of any organization OTHER than the so-called "apostates"? Heh, heh. Could someone please explain to me what "prideful intelligence" means? It sounds to me that it means something like "use your brains but only to the extent that they will help you to conform to our rules. Otherwise, shut your brains off."

"As loyal servants of Jehovah, why would we even want to peek at the propaganda put out by these rejecters of Jehovah's table who now verbally beat those who are helping us take in "healthful words"? -- 2 Timothy 1:13."

Why? Because there is a lot of TRUTH in that so-called "propadanda", that's why. THAT is the reason the WTS is so desperately and strongly "encouraging" you not to look at that information.

I have never seen a more desperate attempt by the WTS to keep it's slaves away from evidence it doesn't want them to see.