Study Older Publications

Posted by Focus on December 18, 2000 at 01:33:04 and 11:57:23

"Appreciating Basic Christian Publications [...] Their zeal for knowledge may even prompt them to dig back into things that were published long before they came into the truth, expanding and deepening their understanding, and ever growing in Christian maturity [...] Do you dig out older publications to expand and deepen your knowledge on subjects about which questions arise? Have you really studied these earlier publications? [...] How is your background of knowledge? [...] Never think: "Oh, I know most of that." For you will find, indeed, that you do not and that you will be strengthened by your additional study [...] once you have completed your study of them you can then look to even older publications. Remember, 'the spiritual man examines indeed all things,' and should know even the deep things of God [...] How can all these people get the things they have missed? Only by studying earlier publications and digging back through previous issues of The Watchtower kept in the library at your local Kingdom Hall. There is much in the way of spiritual riches and aids toward mature knowledge in these earlier publications, and their study is most certainly worth your time. By checking back through the Society's earlier publications you will learn where to find the answers to questions that arise, and you will rejoice to see your understanding continue to grow. The added knowledge that you thus gain will make you stronger in your faith, of more value to your brothers and of more service to the organization [...] we urge you to dig back through these earlier magazines to benefit from the material that they contain." (The Watchtower, May 15, 1957, pp. 311-317)

"And have you read the older publications of the Society in your language? To the extent that you can make time to read the material, there is a blessing in store for you." (Theocratic Ministry School Guidebook, 1971, p. 21)

"Digging Deeper Into God's Word [...] Proverbs 2:4, 5 states: 'If as for hid treasures you keep searching for it, you will find the very knowledge of God.' The context of that passage speaks of the need to seek out Jehovah's 'sayings,' 'commandments,' 'wisdom,' 'discernment,' and 'understanding.' Searching for treasures requires effort and perseverance. It calls for much digging. It is not different when searching for 'the very knowledge of God,' for 'discernment,' and for 'understanding.' This also requires much digging, or penetrating below the surface [...] We should be truly thankful for the spiritual digging that the 'slave' class does to make clearer and clearer for us 'the hidden depths of God's purposes.' [...] But that does not relieve each individual Christian of the responsibility to dig deeper into Gods Word, for the purpose of getting the full depth of the thoughts explained. This involves looking up the scriptures cited. It means reading the footnotes in Watchtower articles, some of which refer the reader to an older publication that provides a fuller explanation of a certain passage or prophecy. It requires digging deeper, putting forth effort to locate that older publication and then studying the pages referred to." (The Watchtower, June 15, 1985, pp. 11-12)

"You will find valuable information in the older publications." (Our Kingdom Ministry, January 1988, p. 7)