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Here ya go:

On page 81 (soft-cover) of Apocalypse Delayed, Jim Penton makes this statement about Olin Moyle:

"Even though a teetotaler, Moyle can hardly be charged with being overly critical of the drinking habits of his brethren at Bethel, and he was quite accurate in his assessment of the judge's self-righteous, choleric actions and breakfast-table tirades. Furthermore, he was simply eager to correct what to him were serious examples of unchristian conduct and to stress that Rutherford had an immediate responsibility to remedy the conditions which had caused his resignation and protest. But Rutherford, who sometimes had difficulty in distinguishing his own position from that of Jehovah or Christ Jesus, regarded Moyle's letter as nothing short of apostasy itself."

Does this sound familiar? It should!

Rutherford used the October 15, 1939 Watchtower (pages 316-317) to vilify Moyle:


"Being reminded that this is the time when God is removing from his organization everything that can be shaken, 'that those things which cannot be shaken may remain' (Hebrews 12:26, 27), the members of the board of directors of the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY, for the information and protection of those who are devoted to God's organization, request that the Watchtower publish what follows:

"On the 21st of July, 1939, a paper written in the form of a letter, signed by O. R. Moyle, was left in the desk of the lobby of the Bethel Home addressed to the president of the Society. Because that paper involved the entire family at Bethel, it was properly brought before the board and before the family. The letter, being filled with false, slanderous and libelous statements, was vigorously condemned by the board, and by all the members of the Bethel family. The board unanimously adopted the following Resolution, which was also approved by the family:

'At a joint meeting of the boards of directors of the Pennsylvania corporation and the New York corporation of the Bible and Tract Society held at the office of the Society at Brooklyn, N.Y., this 8th day of August, 1939, at which other members of the family were present, there was read to said boards and in the presence of O. R. Moyle a letter dated July 21st, 1939, written by said Moyle and addressed to the president of the Society.

'For four years past the writer of that letter has been entrusted with the confidential matters of the Society. It now appears that the writer of that letter, without excuse, libels the family of God at Bethel, and identifies himself as one who speaks evil against the Lord's organization, and who is a murmurer and complainer, even as the Scriptures have foretold (Jude 4-16; 1 Cor. 4:3; Rom. 14:4).

Note how Da Judge completely ignored what Moyle actually said, to wit, that (basically) the Judge was drunk and a cruel, heartless jerk. Da Judge's reply elevated speaking against what HE did personally as being the SAME as speaking evil against the "Lord's organization." The man had an ego that wouldn't quit.

[On a side note, a friend of mine recently sent me this true little gem: During the early 20s, the following sign was actually posted next to a billboard that was advertising Rutherford's "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" lecture: "Millions would rather die than hear Judge Rutherford speak."]

The article continues:

'The members of the board of directors hereby resent the unjust criticism appearing in that letter, disapprove of the writer and his actions, and recommend that the president of the Society immediately terminate the relationship of O. R. Moyle to the Society as legal counsel and as member of the Bethel family.'

"Aside from the introductory paragraph announcing the writer's purpose to leave Bethel at the fixed time, every paragraph of that letter is false, filled with lies, and is a wicked slander and libel not only against the president but against the entire family, and for that reason the letter has not been published by the Society. He requested "Consolation" to publish his letter, and Moyle, being refused, now causes his libelous paper to be published and circulated among certain companies of the consecrated, causing the same to be publicly read, and then by his own words which may be called 'fair speech', he pretends to be harmony with the Society, and thus further deceives the unsuspecting ones. His own possible purpose in further publishing is to justify himself and to 'cause division among the brethren', both of which are condemned by the Word of God (Luke 16:15; Rom. 16:17, 18). For this reason the brethren should be warned. 'The afore-mentioned letter' being filled with lies leveled against the brethren, the same is hated by Jehovah; 'Six things doth the Lord hate; yea, seven are an abomination unto him... a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among the brethren' -- Prov. 6:16-19.

Note: once again, Da Judge does not specifically refute any charge Moyle made, but lumps everything Moyle said together as "wicked slander," "libel" and "filled with lies."

'By inducing other to join with him in the circulation and publication of his slanderous letter among the consecrated he makes others party to his wrong. The slanderous paper, being opposition and against the interest of the Theocratic government, is pleasing only to the Devil and his earthly agents'

Note: the old "guilt by association" fear tactic. By pointing out that the TRUTH that the leader of this so-called "Theocratic government" was a drunk, a criminal and a cowardly bully, Moyle was pleasing to the "Devil."

'For four years Moyle was entrusted with the confidential matters of the Society, and then, without excuse, he assaults and maligns those who trusted him.'

Note: "How dare you! You weren't SUPPOSED to tell everyone I'm a drunk, a criminal and a bully, Olin!"

'Judas was entrusted by Christ Jesus with confidential matters, and Judas proved his unfaithfulness by furnishing to the enemy that which they could use and did use against the Lord.'

Note: "Yeah, Judge, but Jesus wasn't a DRUNK who had a mansion and a number of other homes like you!"

'He who maligns the brethren of the Lord maligns the Lord himself, and the end of such the Scriptures plainly point out. Having been warned, each one must choose to join the 'evil servant' and take the consequences (Matthew 24:48-51) or remain faithful to Jesus and his government by Christ Jesus.'

Note: In other words, "You can only remain faithful to Jesus and his government if you don't tell anyone I'm a DRUNK and a CRIMINAL." (Makes perfect sense to me!)

'Choose whom you'll serve.'

Note: does anyone smell a THREAT here?

'[Signed]: Fred W. Franz, N. H. Knorr, Grant Suiter, T. J. Sullivan, W. P. Heath, W. H. Reimer, W. E. Van Amburgh, M. Goux, C. A. Wise, C. J. Woodworth. Approve for publication J. F. Rutherford, Pres.'

Epilogue: Moyle sued for libel and eventually collected $15,000 and court costs two years after Rutherford drank his last gallon of gin and croaked. Here are the case references for the trials.

  • Moyle v. Rutherford et al., 261 App. Div. 968; 26 N.Y.S. 2d 860;
  • Moyle v. Franz et al., 267 App. Div. 423; 46 N.Y.S. 2d 607;
  • Moyle v. Franz et al., 47 N.Y.S. 484.